Naomi(Naomi Okuyama)


Naomi is a president of ImproJapan,the Tokyo-based company which gives improv lesson for more than 2000 people every year.
She is a director,actress,teacher and also supervising impro segment of tv show for children on Japanese public broadcaster NHK Education.
She also does many performance in foreign countries.
She has received "Del Close Awards"in the "Big Stinkin Festival"in Texas in 1999.
In2000,she has joined "Chicago Improv Festival(CIF)"first time,and she has appeared on the Main Stage of the CIF in 2001 and2002.
She is a member of CIF Artistic Associate.
She has been working as an actress.She has performed in theatre and television in both modern (ex. "I ought to be in pictures" by Neil Simon and "Kizu darake no te (the story about victims of the atomic bomb) which won an Award in Art Festival) and traditional "Jidai geki (Japanese old style action play)" . She also does jazz dance as well as traditional "Nichibu" dance. She is an energetic performer whose strengths in improvisation are her dramatic presence, wonderful ideas and maleable facial expressions. In Orlando Theatresports, she was awarded a perfect score for her portrayal of Poet/Translator in a scene about Volcano.